11 August 2010

My best result in the Worlds

It was my best result in a World Championships, I hoped to be in the first three, but a couple of mistakes in the early part of the contest cost me too much and it was very hard to recover the lost points. Good results in the contest are not only the pilot's achievement. My wife Maria did an excellent job not only taking care of the glider, but my mental state during contest in addition she together with George beat the Brits with field retrieve by a good 30 minutes when I landed out together with Phil Jones. Unfortunately no extra points, but well rested pilot.
Our Team Manager Joerg gave me assurance that all is under control. In addition strategic and technical discussion with Joerg helped me to resolve some issues and concentrate on flying task. Dave helped me with the weather reports before and during tasks, in addition our professional radio broadcaster Virginia did an excellent job relaying information so I was able to gather information about the task situation during flight. Willem with his crew Diane and Pim gave me a big smile every morning ( Go Jerzy Go) Thanks to Dan Bush for letting me fly his glider in Europe and set his glider exactly the same way as mine so I didn't have to adjust to new instruments. His emails with analysis during the contest of my closest opponents were very helpful with my task strategy.  After the closing ceremony I was still in treadmill as I had to deliver glider back to Germany go back to Poland and return the car before I could fly back to Canada. All went as planned except GREAT SURPRISE at Pearson International where a group of pilots waited for me: Luke, Derek, Bill, Chris and Martin with his wife , what a Royal Treatment .
Thank You All for team support .