20 January 2012

Aeroplan Donations

The team has set up an Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Account that allows mile donations to be made from individual's accounts into the team's account.  Miles donated to the team will be used to fly volunteer crew members to Texas during the World Gliding Championships and any leftover miles will be saved in the team account for the 2013 World Juniors and 2014 WGC scheduled for Lesno Poland.

Aeroplan Miles in your account work on a first in, first out basis so if you have miles that are about to expire, instead of letting them go to waste donate them to the team account.  At the moment they are transferred into the team account by Aeroplan, their expiry date is reset for another 7 years.

The donation period that has been established with Aeroplan is from 1 Feb - 1 Mar.

Miles can be donated by filling out and emailing the Donation Pledge Form that can be found on the Team Website.