06 August 2011

Day 1

The tasks today were racing (or assigned) task for all classes up to the north into Texas Hill Country.  In the 15 m class we had a 340 km task that I was able to complete in 2:40 at just over 126 km/hr.  I think I heard of some speeds in the 130's in my class.  It was mostly blue today with the lift going to about 4000 AGL at launch time and by start time we were up to a more comfortable 6000 AGL.  On course we were able to get up to about 8000 AGL later in the day. Average lift was lower for me today at 4.8 kts.

I started with a pack of US pilots and was able to pass them about half way around the course.  This meant I was now on my own in the blue.  I was able to stay ahead of some of them, but I think some passed me on the final leg home.  At the point where I passed the group my task speed was 140 km/hr, but after a lowish point around the last turnpoint it dropped back to 112 km/hr.  I  need to look at my trace in more detail to see why it dropped so drastically!

Practice Day 2

I elected not to fly the second practice day, and instead did a little bit of running around town and relaxing in preparation for day 1.

04 August 2011

Practice Day 1

Typical Uvalde weather today in terms of cloudbase and lift values, 8000 AGL and some averages in the 7-9 kt range, but most in the 5-6 kt range.  My average for the task was 5.8 kts.  The 15 m class had a 3.5 hour assigned area task with a nominal distance of about 360 km and max of 460 km.  I flew 411 km at 135 km/hr and was 30 minutes early today.  I could have maximised a little more in the 2nd area, having flown only to the center.  I did max out the first zone and almost the last, but looking home, it looked like it was starting to die and it was 5 pm and I had 100 km to get home.  As it turned out it was not dying as I was able to get home at 150 km/hr on the final leg.

Another great flying day!

02 August 2011

August 2nd

Tue, Aug 2
JS in Memphis, crossing the mighty Mississippi into Arkansas. The next state will be Texas but we are only at the half-way point of our journey. Still a long way to go.

On the way to Uvalde

JS and crew Sonia Hildesheim left in the afternoon of Aug 1st , stopping for the night near Dayton, OH. Always a bit uneasy parking the trailer in hotel parking lots.