23 March 2012

The New F1 has arrived!

After a six day delay while Customs in Montreal held the container for inspection, the new F1 has now been unloaded from the container and is waiting patiently in a Montreal warehouse.  While I sit impatiently at home.

I will be driving up to Montreal the weekend of 31 March for the Cross-country seminar and will bring the glider home.

After that, the scramble begins to finish installing the instruments, and then get the import inspection done so I can leave for the first contest of the year at Perry on 11 Apr.

Things are about to get busy.

Aeroplan Miles

A big thanks to Kris Yeates and Dan Daly, over 100,000 Aeroplan Miles were donated to the team during our February Aeroplan donation drive.

We are already sorting out the schedule and getting ready to book flights for some of the volunteer crew members who will be helping in Uvalde in August.

Thank you everyone who donated miles!