18 July 2012

On the Road

Virginia and I leave for Uvalde on Thursday morning for the 2800 km drive south.  We are planning to arrive on Saturday and should roll into Quail Springs RV park sometime late Saturday afternoon.

The map shows our planned route, through Indianopolis, St Louis, Muskogee and Dallas.  After having made the drive a few times and suffering through the bumps of Arkansas we now take the northern route to save our kidneys and the RV's suspension from the bunps.  It is also a few degrees cooler along the northern route most of the time.

The official practice days start the 28th, but towplanes are available for the week in advance, so I plan to fly a few days before the official practice.  We'll use the rest of the time to acclimatize and to run errands and get everything set-up.

Nick, Jerzy and Ed all plan to arrive around the 27th-28th.