13 January 2010

What's Happened so Far

I've been a little slow getting the blog started this year, but it is now finally up.

So far we have all found gliders for the contest.  I will be renting the same ASW-27 as I did for the last contest in Lusse, Jerzy will be borrowing an ASG-29 that is destined to a new owner in Canada after the contest and Willem has arranged an Antares from the Lange factory.

The preliminary entries to the contest organizers are now in and our three pilots are listed on the WGC 2010 website.  The deadline for the final entries and payment of the 650 Euro entry fee per pilot is 1 April, after that the entries become official.

We have a few Hungarian-Canadians who will be joining the Team in Hungary.  George Eckschmiedt from Vancouver will be with us for the entire contest and Steve and John Burany from SOSA will join us for the first week of the contest.  If you are going to be in the area next summer, please drop in!

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