03 March 2010

The glider, the car and the drive

I have been able to make arrangements with the good people at Schleicher to rent the same ASW-27 as I flew in Luesse in 2008.  The glider is equipped with an LX7000 flight computer, and this to me is one of the critical items - I don't need to be thinking about learning another computer during the contest!

I have also made preliminary arrangements to borrow the same car as last time from a friend who lives in the Frankfurt area.  After landing in Frankfurt and picking up the car and glider we have a 1200 km drive through Germany, Austria and Hungary to get to Szeged.  Click here to see the google map of the trip from the Schleicher factory in Poppenhausen to the contest site in Szeged.


The trip will also include a short detour down to Munich to pick up Joerg at the airport before heading into Austria.


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