12 June 2010

Canadian Nationals - North Battleford, Saskatchewan

We have now arrived in North Battleford after a few days of driving.  The picture shows the sky at home the day that we left, it was a real shame to be driving on such a great day, but the next few days were much better for driving as the skies were a miserable, grey with low overcast and rain all the way through Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba and the eastern half of Saskatchewan.

As we approached Saskatoon today, the overcast slowly broke up and gave way to cummulus.  As we arrived at the airport, a few people who had flown today said they saw 8000 feett AGL today, but there is still a lot of water on the ground from the previous two weeks of rain in the area.

The long term forecast looks good for the next 4 days, so we should get two good practice days and then a couple of contest days.

More reports to follow as the days unfold.

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