20 July 2010

Unofficial Practice Day 1

We flew for the first time today, the weather was not great and I spent a lot of time low for the first hour.  The forecast provided by the weatherman called for 2-3 kts up to about 4000 AGL and that is pretty much what we had and it made me feel right at home!  He also forecast that the convection would be over by 6 pm and that thunderstorms would pop up along the Romanian border.  After I landed and we were putting the glider away for the night, I looked at the sky around 6 pm and the cu had all dissipated except for a few large TCU's/ CB's along the border.  It seems like this guy knows something about the weather around here!

The flight today was primarily to check out the instruments and get accustomed to the glider.  The PDA and Seeyou mobile connected to the EW recorder are working great and the LX7000 is now set up to my liking.

Tomorrow Jerzy and I are scheduled for the technical inspection at 1115 and 1130 with our resident Canadian Art Grant.


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