23 January 2017

2017 Worlds results and team flying

In virtual reality anybody could be called a winner no matter what points difference is there, its just a dream, while  in reality the winner is who got the most points.

German Team in 18m class didn't do team flying and still they placed on second and forth place.  Both pilots had their own strategies and it worked for both of them.

To be clear : there was never any discussion about the Canadian 18 m "team flying" before Worlds in Australia and  to claim that I was obligated to do team flying is misleading.

I informed Team Manager that I can share all information in the air like I did in Uvalde or other Worlds,  but without "team flying".  From my team flying experience for 6 years with multi time world champion I can say that  pilots not practicing for years team flying do not  have any chance for better results. It is known that each pilots has his own style of flying and successful teams are such, where  pilots have compatible style of flying  and  practice together. Best example of a  true team flying is German Open class team where both pilots fly together for years. 

There wasn't any practice team flying in 18meter class before Benalla and claiming that team flying will improve standing is misleading because error can be multiplied and

in effect to worsen result.

I admire Dave's excellent results on some days without any of my help or team flying attempts and this only proofs that  he is better off without me and team flying.

So any complaints that he could perform better with me has no merit and his line of thoughts is confusing at least. He had great results till he made some mistakes which all pilots do and this  had influence on his final scores and I have nothing to do with it. 

As per contest rules there is no such thing as virtual ties. There is no such class as "team class" and there are not " 2 pilots team scores" only individual pilots  scores.  The results are black and white, a pilot with cumulative  highest score after all valid contest days is the winner  by 1 point or 1000 points.

World titles were lost by small number of points difference and I never saw a Virtual World Champion because of it.

Results from Open class shows  exactly 13 points difference between World Champion and second pilot or "first loser" as we joke when we finish in  second place.

Picture shows Open class pilots with different medals each despite just 13 and 29 points difference as below.

1 E1 Russell Cheetham 6,562
2 EB Michael Sommer 6,549
3 80 Andrew Davis 6,520

In 10 points spread we can fit 10 pilots and only one will be the winner. 

Jerzy XG

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