10 August 2011

Day 5

Today was another tough day, for me at least.  At start time, cloudbase was barely 4000 AGL, but we had to get going so as not to run out of day.  The lift was very disorganized and difficult to center.  On the first leg, I tried to bump and run as much as possible since it was into wind and circling without climbing only pushed you backwards.  The problem was I was low , down to 2000 AGL once and 2500 twice.  I finally found a good  6 kt climb that finally got me up to 6000 AGL and could start to push.

At the moment, my speed is at the low end of the scale with the winners coming in at 127 and me at 114.  I need to review their logs and see where they went to get the extra speed today.

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