11 August 2011

Day 6 - Rest Day

As Dave said, Day 5 was a tough day.

The day started later than expected which required the tasks to be changed in the air. The original AST was turned into an AAT. If they would have stuck with Task A, we would have seen a lot of landouts.

Dave and I went on task around 3p, still in pretty soft conditions.

Things improved as the day went on but remained difficult.

There were lots of cu but many didn't work. It was difficult to find the strong lift required to get good speeds.

For several days now we have observed huge CBs in the distance over the mountains in Mexico. Every day they came a little closer. This evening they finally moved into the western task area. The build-ups looked quite menacing as we de-rigged the gliders but except for a few rain drops and an impressive lightning show after dark, nothing happened.

Tomorrow, Thursday will be a rest day. The announcement was welcomed by pilots and crews alike. We have been flying 450 - 550 km tasks for five days straight plus the practice days. It will be good to get some rest, take care of loose ends and do some sightseeing.

I have to dig into my scores of the last couple of days. On AAT tasks the scoring speed is consistently about 1kph less than what SeeYou shows. Since the scoring is SeeYou based it should match up.

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