04 August 2010

International Night

This evening was the International Night which was great fun as it gave everyone the opportunity to meet pilots and crews from other teams in a relaxed atmosphere while we were sampling the many foods and drinks some teams offered as as specialties of their home countries.Czechs had excellent beer and wonderful cold cuts, the French had the best cheese and select wines, the Swiss had the most healthy food, the Americans had the freest food and the Brits had the most amazing mint punch. We figured that not too many people would like seal meat so we didn't bring any.Maria captured the evening with her camera. We will add the photos later.
The Stewards Brian and Frauke

Talk to you all tomorrow

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  1. hey there, I hope this comment will find its way to maria. here you find my videos that I made from the WGC in Szeged.


    they are especially for our german team. but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway.

    regards, Hubi