02 August 2010

Tail End Charlie

As we were sitting at the airport restaurant for dinner tonight the last 15 m trailer from yesterday's mass landout rolled onto the airport 25 hours after landing in Serbia.

Apparently the Serbian police were very helpful and provided an english translator and a dedicated phone for him to use from the police station to assist in the retrieve. 

There were two problems that caused the late arrival:

1.  He landed in a field that was a long way off the main roads and was basically impossible to drive into with the car.

2.  He was again held up at the Serbian border on the return trip for about 4 hours as they wanted to know why he didn't return last night with everyone else.

 I saw a lot of wet, muddy and inaccessible fields in the 20 km before I landed. Sure glad I picked a dry hay field beside a major road and between two relatively large towns that were "easy" to find.

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