09 January 2017

Day Canceled for 15m and 18 Classes

Well, we were at the grid just before 11:30am but the weather didn't develop as we had hoped. A persistent low cloud deck at 2000 ft above ground kept the sun from coming through. Tobi, the sniffer who is also the task setter reported zero to 1kt lift.

After having postponed the launch several times, at 2:20p the Contest Director canceled the day for 15m and 18m class and asked for speedy removal of the gliders from the grid, so the Open Class could be launched. The start gate for the open Class just opened at 3:40p for a short 2hr Area Task with a nominal distance of 285 km.

Here, at the clubhouse of the Gliding Club of Victoria the races can be followed on big TV screens. They also make wonderful Cappuccinos here that are true works of art.

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