12 January 2017

MS - days 1 and 2

These two days have a lot of similarities for me.

It was blue days with thermal heights up to 5000 ft and thermals 3-4 kt , both days we started late and were running out of time to make it home before the end of the day.

Flying in the blue day here it is a gaggle flying and your speed over the course will depend a lot on the group of the pilots you will go on task.  Both days I end up flying with the slow group.. On the first day I was trying to pass the main group and was forced to take a weak thermal being too low, by the time I was high enough to keep moving , they were already out of my reach . On the second day, my decision to restart put me 10km behind the fast group.

We still have 6 -7 days of contest flying and I will try to improve my results .
Sergei , MS

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