12 January 2017

Friday, January 13 - Day Canceled

 A cold front, extending from a Low in the southern ocean is moving through the task area today. At 10am we are under a mid level overcast with rain being forecast for the afternoon as the front moves through.
The competition day along with the briefing was canceled early which is nice as it gives pilots and crews a whole day to rest or explore.

Here are a few noteworthy moments from yesterday:

Dave (4D) received a medal for his second place finish the previous day (Wednesday)

Sergei and Luke, our 15m pilots, moments before being launched into the blue.

Yesterday, our friend and US Team Pilot Sean Fidler won the day in 18m Class - congratulations Sean! Here is the Link to the results
There was also a mid-air collision reported yesterday. From what I have heard so far, the pilots were lucky and there was only minor damage to both planes. Everyone landed safely.


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