29 July 2010

18M First Contest Day

It was challenging day today, weak lift with hard to centre core.
I started right on time had good run to second turn point, but I kept to much water for too long .
Large group of gliders were flying together and it was very hard to centre thermal with heavy glider.
On final glide I noticed that I'm 300'under slope 30km from finish and no chance to get extra lift before last turn point. I had to deviate 4km to dying cloud ,but lucky me I climbed extra 600'and made home losing 10 minutes ,but I finished. Other pilots which didn't deviate landed 8 km short of finish line some just 300m from edge of the field. Unfortunately Australian pilot from 15 M class was low over road and had collision with truck. No full information as yet.
Dave and Willem landed out , their crew are on the way to pick them up. In 15M class only small group of pilots finished.

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  1. Well done, Jerzy. At least you survived and can go fight another day.