29 July 2010

Day 5 - Open Class Contest Day 2, 15/18m Contest Day 1

Good Morning Canada

Weather at 4pm local time: It is a sunny day with good cu but there is also thickening cirrus pushing in from the west as the next system is approaching. There are still cu under the cirrus but they look a bit sick

We have assigned speed tasks for all classes:
Open Class: 5 turnpoint polygon, 379 km
18m Class: 5 turnpoint polygon, 337 km
15m Class: 5 turnpoint polygon, 334 km

The last turnpoint is about 10 km north of the contest site with the purpose to line all the traffic up for the finish.

The launch started at 12:30 into a blue sky with weak convective activity. Pretty soon there were huge gaggles with gliders struggling below release height. There was a steady stream of relights.

Dave fell out but was cleared to land on the hard surface runway which allowed him to keep his water. We had him back in the air a few minutes later.

All our pilots are on task and must have rounded the first turnpoint, perhaps also the second since they are coming back into radio range. The first two turnpoints are to the northwest and west of Szeged. Turnpoints 3 & 4 are to the east and northeast of the contest site. Once they have passed the second turnpoint, things should get a little easier since the cirrus is pushing in from the west. From the airfield here in Szeged we see good cu to the east and northeast. To the west it looks now pretty blue with a few ragged cu under the cirrus.

Let’s hope for the best.

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