26 July 2010

Day 2

Good Morning

The Weather is a little better than yesterday but still a rather grey sky with ceilings at 1500-2000 AGL. Despite the fact that there are a few holes showing in the overcast and the airmass is very unstable, I believe the prospects for getting a contest day in are slim.

The tasks:

15m Class: Area task, minimum time 2:30 hrs with 205/311/430 km minimum/nominal/maximum distance.

18m Class: 219 km assigned task

Open Class: 254 km assigned task

On all tasks the first leg is to the WNW, second leg to the SE into Serbia, third leg (15m class only) to the east, close to the Serbian / Romanian border and back to Szeged on a northerly track.

We pulled out to the grid in light rain. Launch time has been delayed from 1p to 1:30. For a moment it got a little brighter here in Szeged but it overdeveloped soon after the sun hit the ground and there is rain now (1p) showing south of the airfield.

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