29 July 2010

First Contest Day for 15/18m - Digest

"Canada Base" is providing weather and other tactical information to the Canadian pilots while on task.

It turned out to be a tough day. Dave and Willem landed out on the last leg, Dave about 30km short and Willem 16 km from home. Jerzy made it around but said it was very tough. Dave’s relight of course, caused him to start rather late. The 15m start gate opened at 13:20 and Dave didn’t start until 14:15. The early starters apparently also had problems, so Dave managed to catch up with some 15m guys of the German team.
The results: Open Class, 18m Class, 15m Class

Dave ran out of day and landed 30 km short in a farmer's field.

Willem found a good field and was picked up by Diane, Pim and George.
Photos by George Eckschmiedt.

Sadly, there was a bad accident at the contest site, just as we hooked up the trailer for OX. A glider came in so low that it hit a truck or bus on the road that runs outside the airport fence. The glider then cart-wheeled into the fence which is wire mesh between massive 10 ft high concrete posts with barbed wire on top. Everything on the glider was broken – wings and fuselage, except the cockpit. I saw the canopy open, so I hope the pilot is o.k. I felt helpless as I watched it happen. I didn’t even have a radio to call in a mayday. It seemed to take forever until emergency vehicles appeared.

We later learned that the pilot apparently was not badly injured however the driver of the truck is in serious condition.

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  1. Tragic news. We're thinking of the truck driver and the pilot. Please keep us up-dated.