30 July 2010

Day 6 - Contest Day 2/3 Digest

To say the day was over-called would be an understatement.

15m Class had 2 finishers out of a total of 49 competitors
18m Class had 9 finishers out of 51 contestants
Open Class had 7 finishers out of 43.

The weather pushing in from the west started to cut off thermals in mid afternoon just as most pilots were on their way to the third turnpoint NE of Szeged.

As the cirrus thickened, the calls came in to get the trailers ready.

Seeing no chance of getting much further, Willem decided to call it quits on the third leg and to struggle back to Szeged after 132 km on task. Diane was glad not to have to go on a retrieve again.

The 15m Class was last to be launched and to start. From the time perspective alone, they didn't have much chance to complete the task since the day was forecast to quit early. Dave ran out of lift and landed in a good field on the third leg 70 km north east of Szeged with a distance of 143 km.

Jerzy is the hero of the day in the Canadian camp. It took him almost 4 hrs to complete the 2:30 area task. For the longest time we didn't hear anything from him, until he called in to announce he will try to make it to the airport at the control point (about 10km from Szeged).
I was in the car at the time on the way to retrieve Dave. Not long after Jerzy's last transmission my mobile rang and Jerzy told me he had completed the task and made it back to Szeged. This really made my day - wow!

Jerzy finished in 7th place for the day in 18m Class. There were only nine finishers in this class today. Congratulations Jerzy!! :-)

The total scores for all days so far, are not reliable yet because data are still arriving as crews arrive.

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  1. Congratulations to the team and in particular to Jerzy. Stick with it!! The posts are great to read. Thanks. Paul F