16 January 2017

2W - Flying Day 3

I was quite happy when we received our long 5h AAT for today.  Yes it would be ambitious with the late starts but it would also mean that the ridiculous start games would not take as long.  The main gaggle started around 1330 local, I was in a good position and went with the pack.  I was able to stay with the group for most of the flight to some degree but we were unable to catch the group of Polish pilots wo were leading the way.  Eventually I got out of sync with the pack as I got low.  I elected to separate from the group and go a slightly different route, this was a risk on a blue day but the lift was consistant and being alone allowed me to regein my rythm.  The decission payed off as I was able to recover some of the lost ground.

As a bonus I finally got a tow behind the plane from Mad Max; Transavia PL-12 Airtruk.

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