17 January 2017

January 17 Wrap-up

All classes had a great contest day. Open Class now has a total of 6 competition days under the belt, 18m has 5 and 15m Class has 4. The minimum number of competition days for the competition to qualify as a World Championship is four, so all classes now have a valid "Worlds".

The 747 km Assigned Speed Task for Open Class was tough. At the briefing there were a few complaints that with Open Class being the second class to launch, they had to average speeds of 150 kph in order to make it around before the day was over. As it turned out, the winner achieved a speed of 161.34 kph and only three pilots out of 34 didn't finish the task. It was a good call!

In 18m Class Wolfgang Janowitsch from Austria won the day with 141.13 kph, flying a brand new Ventus 3, the latest Shempp-Hirth glider. Jerzy flew well and moved up by two places in the overall score.

The winner in the 15m Class was Uys Jonker with 137.74, flying a JS3, the latest creation of Jonker Sailplanes. Sergei put in a good performance with 129.39 kph which earned him 14th for the day and gave him a good boost after his outlanding yesterday.

All Results

Unfortunately, the strong weather will not continue tomorrow. It will be much cooler (29C) and possibly cloudy. Hopefully we will be able get another contest day in. If we do, the conditions will probably be more like in Ontario.


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