17 January 2017

Wednesday, January 18

What a difference in terms of weather from yesterday! It is quite cool (20s) and Benalla is under a band of mid level cloud which is forecast to move out but at this point, at 12:00, we are still under the cloud cover. There is also a 20 kt wind from the south which will make things tough.

Launch is being planned for 13:00 with 15m Class in front. The organizer set short tasks. If the cloud band moves away to the north, we should see 2-4 kts lift to 4000 ft in the blue. Not great but flyable.

The organizers are hoping to get at least the 15m class on task as they are a day short compared to 18 m Class.

Both 15m and 18m have relatively short Assigned Speed Tasks

15m: 324km
18m: 297km


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