16 January 2017

Monday Wrap-up

I was a long hot day. Our pilots looked drained when they got out of their gliders after battling it out in the blue for close to six hours.


Sergei's day didn't go well from the beginning as he missed the start, got low and finally started about 20 minutes after Luke. In the end, he ran out of day and had to land about 65 km short in Corowa, on the Murry River which is the state line between New South Wales and Victoria. Fortunately, a friendly tug was waiting there and got him back to Benalla with minimum delay.

Luke had a good flight with 880 points for the day, improving his overall score by 7 places.


As Dave said, he missed one good thermal at the end which dropped him from the top ten into the twenties. However, the good news is that overall he dropped only by two places and is now in 6th place, still well within the top ten. Being in the top ten in a Worlds basically means one is flying among current and former World Champions.

I haven't had a chance to speak to Jerzy who was the last of our pilots to land in Benalla. I suspect he was up against the day dying when he was still a good distance away on the final leg. According to the forecast this morning, the day was supposed to last longer than previous days but after 6:30p it seemed to die pretty quickly.

Detailed results:

Tomorrow will be a very hot day with a max temperature of 38 degrees C. It looks like we will have strong conditions with thermals up to 10,000 ft or more. It will likely be blue again.

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