20 January 2017

Sergei , Day 5

The key for yesterday flight was patience at the start gate  . Our task was 370 km race
It took 2h 20 min from take off to the start for me . We were sitting in the start area between 5000 and 6000 , pretty much all class in two or three thermals ,constantly converging and moving around , but nobody wanted to start .. From the forecast we were expecting high clouds moving from the west into the task area and shutting thermals by 6pm . Base on my preliminary calculations we should be on course just after 2 pm , but nobody wanted to start and that was really hard to force myself to stay on start , knowing that there is a big chance that you wouldn't make it home . My only hope was that the gaggle make it around faster . And that was the case - all gliders which went early on course up to half an hour were not able to pull away from the main group and ended up finishing with it  As in the previous day I gave up 3 to 5 minutes on the start but that was my security cushion.

My speed was 112.3 km/h , which gave me 901 points and 15th place for the day .

Sergei , MS

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