17 January 2017

2W - flying day 4

After making a few poor decissions at the start line I was stuck flying alone most of the day.  I started the 485km task at 3PM.   Needless to say this isn't the optimal way to race gliders, especially on a blue day.  By TP 1 I was able to catch up to some gliders but soon after TP 2 we parted ways again.  Half way down the third leg it was obvious that the decaying conditions were going to be an issue.  I started flying more conservatively, in retrospect however, I probably switched gears too early as good climbs were to be found on the fourth leg - provided you got there high enough.  I got on final glide about 40km out of the finish zone and landed at Benalla around 7:30PM.

Luke - 2W

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