15 January 2017

Monday, January 16 - 18m Competition Day 4, 15m Competition Day 3

 During the night temperature dropped down to 12-14C which was great for sleeping. It is a clear and crisp morning. The forecast is for convection to start early and the day is expected to last past 7pm. The public forecast is calling for a max temperature of 34C. Locally the dewpoint is 12-14 degrees, further north it drops to 6 deg. In other words, no chance for cu. Climb rates are expected to be 4-6 kts up to 6000 ft.

They set long tasks into the northern quadrant to take advantage of the expected long day and to force pilots out on task early to minimize start gate gaggling.

1st launch is planned for 12:30 - 15m is first on the grid, followed by 18m.

15m Class has a 5 hr Area Task. It will be difficult to determine where to make the last turn for a 200 km last leg back to Benalla in weakening conditions (2-4 kts lift). It will be a long day in the blue.

18m Class Task A is a 503 km triangle Assigned Speed Task.

We changed our tracker for live tracking in 18m Class from Dave (4D) to Jerzy (XG)

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